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In 1926 Van Doesburg was asked to assist with the refurbishment of the interior of the right wing of the 18th-century Aubette building in Strasbourg. He realised a masterpiece. Van Doesburg designed the Aubette as a dynamic arena for eating, drinking, dancing and for showing films. In addition to this major commission, Van Doesburg designed a number of stained-glass windows for buildings designed by his fellow townsman J.J.P. Oud. The Blauwpoort Bridge across Galgewater in Leiden was Van Doesburg’s source of inspiration for a stained-glass window that was executed as a fanlight in housing blocks I and V in the Spangen quarter in Rotterdam. Van Doesburg also designed a tiled floor for holiday cottage De Vonk in Noordwijkerhout that Oud designed. Designing these windows and the cottage floor was very compatible with Van Doesburg’s predisposition to abstraction.