20-04-2011 till 20-04-2011

Studium Generale: Renaissance and still ‘Beeldenstorm’ (iconoclastic outbreak) by Prof. dr. Antoine

Lucas van Leyden, as per many aspects his precursor Albrecht Durer, were commissioned to portray scenes from The Bible and Christianity. Soon these works of art were removed by force from churches, following the teachings of the new religion, following Johannes Calvijn.

Lecture is in Dutch.

How does Northern Renaissance compare to Humanism and Reformation? Prof.dr. Antoine Bodar, professor of Christianity, Culture and Media at Tilburg University.

Time and place: 19.30 - 21.15 , room 011, Lipsiusbuilding (1175), Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden 
Free entrance to the lectures on 16-03 and 20-04. No reservation required. For the full programme, please check: http://www.voorzieningen.leidenuniv.nl/studium-generale/lucas-van-leyden/