01-05-2011 till 01-05-2011

Camerata Trajectina in concert at Stadsgehoorzaal.

Cornelis Schuyt (1557-1616) was the musical pride of the city of Leiden. He was the organ player of the Hooglandse Church and the Church of St. Peter. In his own days and times he was known as one of the very best of top composers. He owed this reputation to his fabulous madrigals.

Camerata Trajectina will present an evening in this great composer’s honour. On the programme are poems by Tasso and Petrarca and Dutch texts by Daniel Heinsius, with accompanying music composed by Schuyt. In a large ensemble setting of eighteen instrumentalists and vocalists, Camerata Trajectina will perform a world premiere of reconstructed compositions. It was common use to publish madrigals in several tomes, one for every voice. Unfortunately some of these tomes have not been persevered. Louis Peter Grijp and Nico van der Meel have reconstructed these lost compositions. 

Start: 20.15. Reservations via www.stadspodia.nl