Saturday October 09 2010 till Sunday January 02 2011

Hans Dagelet is guide in the unusual audio tour of Hamel en Van Campen

This year De Lakenhal invites contemporary artists to reflect on the collection of the museum, as part of the project Work in Progress. Sound artists and radio presenters Catherine van Campen and Bente Hamel kick off with their audio tour ‘To keep/ Om te houden’.

 Also in English.

In ‘To keep’ Hamel and Van Campen follow several routes, through the halls of De Lakenhal, but also through their own rooms, cupboards and drawers. A playful take on the phenomenon museum tour.

Under normal circumstances the listener would expect accurate, objective information. ‘To keep’ stays in line with this prediction pattern to a certain extent, but gives it a different, associative twist. With this audio tour visitors are drawn into the personal reality of Hamel and Van Campen via the museum and its collection.

The audio tour is available free of charge to the visitors of De Lakenhal. Visitors can borrow iPods with the tracks of ‘To keep/ om te houden’. Or you can listen to the audio tour on your own mp3 player. Download the 7 tracks, install them on your mp3 player in the correct order and experience the tour in De Lakenhal. The map with route is available at the counter.

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