Tuesday October 20 2009 till Sunday January 03 2010

Van Doesburg and the International Avant-Garde: Co

In close cooperation with Tate Modern in London, Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden presents a major exhibition on Theo van Doesburg (1883-1931), and this artist’s influence on the international avant-garde. Energetically and enthusiastically, Van Doesburg broke new ground as the initiator, ambassador, promoter and organiser of the new art. The 300-plus works by some 80 artists – among whom El Lissitzky, László Moholy-Nagy, Gino Severini, Kurt Schwitters, Hans and Sophie Arp, Hans Richter, Piet Mondrian, Vilmos Huszár and Alexander Archipenko – are on loan from museums from around the world. Many of these works have never been on display before in the Netherlands.

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The exhibition takes up the whole museum. It portrays Van Doesburg as a tireless, versatile, key person within the international avant-garde. Paintings, sculptures, scale-models, furniture, posters, films, typographical designs and magazines illustrate the lively international world of art in which various disciplines became increasingly more interwoven.
The richly illustrated catalogue Van Doesburg and the International Avant-Garde: Constructing a New World, in English only, edited by Gladys Fabre and Doris Wintgens Hötte (240 pages and 250 colour illustrations), is available at € 25.
Gladys Fabre, Vicente Todolí and Doris Wintgens Hötte have put the exhibition together.
From 4 February - 16 May 2010 the exhibition is on display in Tate Modern London.

The exhibition has been made possible through an indemnity grant provided by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and by the generous support of the main funders Turing Foundation and Mondriaan Foundation, which supports visual arts, design and cultural heritage projects; the sub-funders SNS Reaal Fonds, Straver Foundation (of the Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation), Cultural Foundation Leiden and partners ‘Stichting VSBfonds’ and the city of Leiden.