Sunday June 27 2010 till Tuesday November 01 2011

Lanckaert tapestry and animation film

This famous tapestry depicts all the events of the Relief of Leiden. The unique animation film gives the tapestry a new dimension by transforming it into a digital, historically and geographically accurate map.

This 3 by 4 meter sized tapestry depicts frame by frame how the Beggars advanced from Rotterdam to Leiden in 1574. The events are illustrated from a bird-eye view and cover two months. You can see the Beggars fleet proceed over the flooded country of Delfland, Schieland and Rijnland, after the dikes were destroyed on the 3th of August. The Spanish forces and entrenchments are marked with blue and white chequered banners, the ships of the Beggars bear orange-white-and-blue striped flags. The embroidered tapestry was made in 1578 by the weaver Joost Jansz. Lanckaert from Delft, by order of the Leiden municipality. It served as a propaganda piece for the Dutch Revolt against Spain and emphasised the important role of Leiden in the revolt.