Wednesday October 13 2010 till Sunday January 23 2011

Roy Villevoye: Preparations

At the request of director Meta Knol Roy Villevoye places his sculpture ‘Preparations’(2009) in the court of honour which has been dedicated to fifteenth and sixteenth century paintings since 1890. The contemporary sculpture of a black man holding a wooden crucifix shines an entirely different light on the religious, late-medieval paintings of Lucas van Leyden and Cornelis Engebrechtsz. Roy Villevoye combines the sculpture on display with a collection of Asmat ancestor skulls from Papua New-Guinea, from the collections of the Worldmuseum and the Museum for Ethnology. Prof. Dr. Henk van Os wrote two exhibition texts for this display, you can read below.

De man met het kruis
Schedels voor het Laatste Oordeel


During Work in Progress De Lakenhal invites contemporary artists to make a presentation based on museum artefacts, the building, or the history of the museum.