Friday October 15 2010 till Sunday January 09 2011

Sharp letters, 40 years form of NRC Handelsblad

From the 15th of October until the 9th of January Museum de Lakenhal in Leiden presents a modest exhibition titled ‘Sharp letters, 40 years form of NRC Handelsblad’, about the history of the newspaper, from the first printed copy to nrc Next and today’s e-paper.

On the 1st of October 2010 it is 40 years since Algemeen Handelsblad merged with the Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant. To celebrate this we organise a small exhibition centred around the monumental stained-glass window by Harm Kamerlingh Onnes. The commemorative window, dating from 1928, was originally on display in the offices of Algemeen Handelsblad in Amsterdam. It shows the various stages of the production of the paper. For this special occasion Pepijn Barnard has drawn a contemporary version of the window, which will be on display in the exhibition.

The exhibition is accompanied by the book titled ‘Sharp letters, 40 years form of NRC Handelsblad’, published by NRC Handelsblad and available in the museum and the webstore of NRC for €15,-

 During de exhibition the museum, in cooperation with the paper, offers a course ‘ikjesschrijven’ (short narratives about personal experiences). To register and for more information see the agenda item on this website.