Saturday September 04 2010 till Wednesday June 01 2011

Historical section refurbished

On the top floor of the museum you find the historical section which was recently refurbished in its entirety. The ‘Galerij van Leidens’ gives an impression of the first museum furnishings in the history of De Lakenhal. In 1869 city architect J. W. Schaap was appointed to make this ‘pavillion’ on the second floor suitable as ‘museum of urban antiquities’. He made the stairwell leading to here. In it he placed sixteenth century windows from de ‘Schutterdoelen’. On the 27th of April 1874 the rebuilding was complete.

On the 3th of October 1872 the museum was temporarily accessible to the public. To protect the museum policemen were on guard and the stairs were covered with boards. The 3 October collection which was kept in the city hall until then received the most prominent place. Even the ceiling was raised to underline the self-sacrifice of mayor Van der Werf. Despite the concerns about the large crowds of spectators everything went well. So well in fact that the 1872 year report stated that ‘the hall was visited by 4000 persons in the best order possible’.