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You can support the Museum as a Friend, but also by donating to the Community in the form of a gift, legacy or inheritance. Then you contribute to the preservation and development of Museum De Lakenhal in a personal way. With your donation you help us keep the cultural heritage of Leiden alive, also for generations to come! Every euro you donate, will actually be used by the Museum. The museum has the ANBI-status, an official recognition of its status as an institution for the common good, which means the museum does not have to pay inheritance tax or gift tax on legacies or donations.

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Glas in Laad raam Harm Kamerlingh Onnes

Stained glass window for Algemeen Handelsblad, Amsterdam 1929*

Harm Kamerlingh Onnes (1893-1985), nephew of the famous physicist from Leiden, designed these panels to commemorate the one hundred-year anniversary of newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad. The stained glass window was originally placed in the stairwell of the office of Algemeen Handelsblad situated at the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 240.

It is a small miracle to have this masterpiece now on display in Museum De Lakenhal. The twenty panels were recovered in 2004 in a barn near Amsterdam.
The farmer purchased them after the printing office changed location, with the intention of selling the lead. Thankfully he never got to separate the glass and the lead, so it was found with relatively little damage. The window was restored with the support of the Community of Interest of De Lakenhal.


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