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Welcome, great you’re going to visit our museum! A museum is a big building where many things are kept. When you have a look at this video clip, you get a good idea of what our museum looks like and what there is to see.

In De Lakenhal we have three big collections.

1. History of Leiden
In the museum you find all kinds of special objects that have something to do with the past of Leiden. What do you think of the ‘hutspot’ (a kind of cooking pot) found near Lammenschans when the Spaniards were driven away during the Relief of Leiden? We also have many objects from the linen industry of Leiden such as weaving-looms and linen hallmarks.

2. arts and crafts
These are all kinds of beautiful objects which were used in daily life in the past. Think of furniture, wall tiles and vases. On the downstairs floor we have rebuilt an old kitchen with pans and furniture. When you’re there, you can see exactly how people lived in Leiden in the past.

3. art
Museum De Lakenhal is the only art museum in Leiden and we have many beautiful paintings on display. The most famous work is The Last Judgement of Lucas van Leyden. He painted this painting almost 500 years ago for the Pieterskerk. But we also have art from now, like a very beautiful yellow painting made by Jan Wolkers. It has the apt title ‘The Big Yellow Canvas’.

What is there to do?
At the ticket counter a fun do-book is for sale. With this book you dive into history and discover why the museum keeps things.

And, do you keep something too?
Football cards? Erasers or coins?

If you like to, you can email us a picture of you and your favourite thing after visiting the museum. We put the picture here on the website. We have already collected some children with their favourite collectables. Do you want to join them? Email your picture to postbus@lakenhal.nl!


Lucas van Leyden
and the Renaissance

20-03-2011 till
Lucas van Leiden