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De Lakenhal offers educational programs for all students.  We joined the school program of Museumgroep Leiden. We also offer customised programs for all primary and secondary schools.
Entrance to the museum is free for students and their supervisors, also when additional charges are required for exhibitions.

5th grade
For Museum and School, the unique school project of Museumgroep Leiden, De Lakenhal offers educational material for the primary school students of the fifth grade. Click here for more information.

The museum group has developed ‘Bemused’ for VMBO students. De Lakenhal offers an active and stimulating educational program as part of this program. More information can be found here.

Customised guided tours
For all students we offer customised guided tours, but of course you can also visit the museum on your own accord. De Lakenhal is the only museum in Leiden with a beautiful collection of classic and contemporary art works. De Lakenhal also offers a lot of information about the history of Leiden, such as the linen industry and the Siege and Relief of 1574.

If you want to visit with your school, please contact Lydia Vermond by emailing to mailto or phone 0031 (0) 71 – 516 53 60. You can register when you intend to visit us on your own accord or when you want to take part in the educational program of the museum.

Museum and school

The educational website of the Leidse museums


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Museum De Lakenhal

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