…a highly successful exhibition.
(Wieteke van Zeil, Volkskrant 22 March 2011)

Fabulous prints.
(Riki Simons, Elsevier, 19 March 2010)

Lucas van Leyden and his contemporaries on grandiose display at De Lakenhal.
(Gijsbert van der Wal, NRC , 24 March 2011)

A small man with fantastic drawing and etching skills.
(Sandra Kooke, Trouw 30 March 2011)

From Rembrandt to Jan Steen. Almost all our 17th century painters are indebted to the great innovator Lucas van Leyden.
(Thea Detiger, Telegraaf, 21 March 2011)

Lucas van Leyden.  Exceptional careeranning exhibition at De Lakenhal in Leiden
(Kees Keijer, Parool, 28 March 2011)

Along with Albrecht Dürer, Lucas van Leyden has elevated print to the highest form of art.
(Hilda Bouma, FD, 9 April 2011)

Royalty television show Blauw Bloed reported on the Queen's visit to De Lakenhal. You can watch the broadcast here (item starts around 4 minutes).

De Avonden (Radio 6) aired an interview with Dr Ilja Veldman, co-author of the uncatalogueduedued on 25 March.


Lucas van Leyden and the Renaissance... surely offers the visitor hours and hours of viewing pleasure with this unique and rich collection of works of art.
(Oleg Karuvits,,  30 March 2011)

Lucas van Leyden in Leiden: brings a smile to your face, profound and surprising.
(Jannemarie van den Brand,, 7 April 2011)

Visitor remarks and quotes – From the Guest book

The following quotes have been taken from the visitor's remarks in the guest book placed at the end of the exhibition.

My compliments for the layout of the exhibition and for the
audio tour.
(Klaas, 25 March)

A splendid and instructive exhibition. Audio commentary was insightful
(Giel, Haarlem, 24 March)

Special and impressive exhibition. The audio tour is an integral part of the whole of the display and offers a sense of calm to this in some aspects exerting experience.
(name illegible, no date)

Really, really beautiful exhibition. Pays off to pay a return visit in a few weeks time. 
(only initials).

An exhibition of rare beauty..

Most impressive!
(Marcel Duroy, Paris)

Thank you for the beautiful engravings. See you next time
(name illegible)

Splendid exhibition. Very nice and instructive audio tour.
(Carolien, last name illegible, 30 March)

What a stunning exhibition! My compliments, also for the amazing audio tour, the gentle staff and the explanation(s). And for all the beautiful works of art, true feast for soul and senses!
(Marijke Brouwer, 30 March)

Special tour with the headphones and a well versed guide. Repeat visit recommended.
(Fred J., last name illegible)

Unexpected exhibition of a master I wasn't familiar with before. Amazing!

Thank you for the highly impressive pieces of beauty!
(Frédérique van Haaren)

Living in Alkmaar, I have gained a lot more admiration for Lei(yden now.
(Marianne P.)

The total exhibition is very well thought through, the light is well done and it addresses key art historical puzzles. The uncatalogued is also a stunning achievement, `thought provoking in extremis’. 
(name illegible)

It was really fascinating!
(Elif Onalp, Istanbul)

Lucas van Leyden
and the Renaissance

20-03-2011 till
Lucas van Leiden