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De Lakenhal is the gem of Leiden. Since 1874 the museum is housed in the old Laecken-Halle, which was designed by Arent van ‘s-Gravensande in 1640. This monumental building is seen as one of the best examples of Dutch classicism. The classical, elegant museum from 1874 is currently experiencing an intensive renewal process to become a contemporary, adventurous museum of the 21st century.

Since the 1950s people have spoken about the necessity of an extension and renovation of the monumental ‘Laecken-Halle’. By the end of 2009 de City of Leiden placed a substantial amount of 13,5 million euros at the museums disposal towards this goal. An additional sum is needed to realise a new exhibition space, attractive presentation rooms and high-standard furnishings. Realisation of the renovation and development is expected in the period 2013-2015.

The museum has instructed itself to obtain the additional funding by means of private patronage, sponsoring and fundraising. The foundation Lucas van Leyden Mecenaat chaired by Elco Brinkman contributes significantly to this.

Blik op de erezaal, rond 1925

Vooraanblik Museum De Lakenhal, rond 1900

Interieur museum, bij de trap naar De Grote Pers, rond 1925

Aanblik op de entree aan de Lange Scheistraat, rond 1925

Interieur museum rond 1925

Lucas van Leyden
and the Renaissance

20-03-2011 till
Lucas van Leiden