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For centuries, Leiden was the city of hard working people, squeeking looms, rich merchants and the strict inspectors at the Lakenhal. Everybody worked along in the international trade of the famous Leiden Cloth. Nowadays, nothing remains to be seen from wool cloth that dominated the life and work of the people of Leiden for 700 years. Or is there?

How the cloth disappeared from Leiden (Dutch only)

Download the family app, go on an expedition in the historical city centre of Leiden together and collect traces and stories of the Leiden Cloth. Answer questions posed by a merchant, an inspector and a workman along the way and discover how the Cloth disappeared from Leiden!

How much time do you have?

You can choose between a 30, 60 or 90 minute tour.

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Doelenpoort, Leiden
Doelenpoort, Leiden Photos: Marc de Haan


Concept, design & production: Museum De Lakenhal, De Vrijer Van Dongen and PS | Theater Realisation: Mikoon Webservices
Made possible by: SNS REAAL Fund