Loan requests

Museum De Lakenhal is pleased to lend its collection to other museums. On this page you can read how a loan request works.

Museum De Lakenhal tries to keep the cost of the loan as low as possible for the lending institution. For example, we do not charge a loan fee, we do not charge a fee for drawing up the condition report, the (available) HR photos of the collection are free, we try to keep the insurance costs low for the borrower. In doing so, we keep safety requirements at a very high level and try to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible.

In principle, only registered museums can borrow objects from the collection, but we do accept exceptions. There are a number of conditions attached to the loan of objects.

For the application we would like to receive at least the following information:

  • Director and address of the institution requesting the loan
  • Contact person (name, telephone, postal address, e-mail)
  • Reason for the request
  • Exhibition period
  • Exhibition name
  • Object list with inventory number. To search for objects in the collection, please use the online database.
  • A current facility report from the institution

If available, we would also like to receive:

  • Information about the method of presentation
  • Floor plan of the exhibition space with the position of the object on loan
  • Current climate data of the relevant exhibition space

We would like to receive the written loan request no later than six months before the start date. We would like to process the loan request digitally. You can send the request to director Tanja Elstgeest via loans@lakenhal.nl.

After your request

We strive to give a definite answer within two months after receiving the complete application. If we receive a positive answer, you will receive the conditions attached to the loan, for example with regard to transport, couriers, security, climate conditions and handling.

For more information or questions about submitting a request for a loan, please contact registrar Jeroen Hermens: j.hermens@lakenhal.nl, 071 - 516 5937

Museum De Lakenhal endorses the principles of 'Slimmer lenen' of the Museumvereniging.