Rental and events

Museum De Lakenhal is ready to receive you. Please contact us at events@lakenhal.nl to organise your (business) meeting or event. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


The renovated Museum De Lakenhal is a perfect location for your reception or event. We highlight the past, present and future in a special way. The Back Courtyard, the Auditorium, the Atelier and the Front Courtyard offer the opportunity to organise special receptions, including symposia, lectures, receptions and (walking) dinners. For the possibilities, please contact the Events Department via events@lakenhal.nl.


The bright, open Auditorium in the public area of the museum is ideal for lectures and presentations. In addition, with its large windows, the Auditorium offers a beautiful view of the Singel as a backdrop for receptions and parties. The Auditorium can be enjoyed separately from the museum, but will always stand out in connection thanks to the wall covering by textile designer Aleksandra Gaca. Her brand new and beautiful design especially for the Auditorium not only ensures perfect acoustics, but also adds to the character and allure of the space.

Auditorium Photo: Ronald Tilleman


In the Atelier, young and old come together for workshops, school visits and family activities. In addition, the Atelier offers space for a lecture, meeting or reception for a select group. The Atelier can be booked separately or in combination with the Auditorium.

Atelier Photo: Ronald Tilleman


The four parts of Museum De Lakenhal are visible and accessible from the central courtyard, the Secret Annexe. Traces of almost 375 years of building history are displayed in their full glory. During the museum's opening hours, this place serves as the visitor's central orientation area. Outside opening hours, this covered courtyard is ideal for receptions, dinners and presentations. Besides the fact that this special place already tells one of the core stories of Museum De Lakenhal, you can enrich your event by visiting the other core stories under the guidance of a tour guide.

Courtyard Photo: Ronald Tilleman

Café Laken

Outside the museum's opening hours, the café can be booked for private events, possibly together with the terrace. For more information, please contact the Events Department at events@lakenhal.nl.

Café Laken
Café Laken Photo: Ronald Tilleman