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Audio tour David Bailly - Time, death and vanity

During opening hours

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Nearly 400 years after it was created, David Bailly's Vanitas Still Life with Portrait of a Young Painter continues to fascinate art historians. The masterpiece raises all sorts of questions. Is it a self-portrait? To what do the various objects in the painting refer? And who is the mysterious female figure appearing against the back wall?

Museum De Lakenhal has joined forces with various experts for a comprehensive study of the painter and his work. This has charted Bailly's oeuvre for the first time, discovering several hidden faces in his still life. In the tour you will hear more about the most important discoveries as well as the new issues that emerged from the scientific research.


  • Date: from 10 March till 2 July
  • Time: during opening hours
  • Language: Dutch
  • Location: on your own phone via the Lakenhal-app
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This audio tour was created by:

Concept & production:
Lotte van Gaalen

Studio technology:
Polycorp Media

Mixing & mastering:
Arno Peeters

With contributions from:
Janneke van Asperen
Rudi Ekkart
Christiaan Vogelaar

Lotte van Gaalen
Lotte van Gaalen
Een hand die een smartphone vasthoudt met daarop te zien de audiotour bij de tentoonstelling van David Bailly.