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Museum De Lakenhal presents:
Destroyed House: Monument of the Temporary

Marjan Teeuwen

20 June 2019 - 29 September 2019

For Museum De Lakenhal’s new wing, four houses dating from around 1900 on the Lammermarkt had to make way. To pay a final tribute to these buildings and their history, artist Marjan Teeuwen (1953) staged an architectural intervention in the four houses shortly before their demolition in 2015: Destroyed House Leiden.

The houses were stripped, party walls pulled down and wide passageways created to form one large, monumental space. Despite all the destruction, the installation is an ode to construction, the ‘spirit’ of the location and the history of these Leiden buildings.

Teeuwen recorded the project in a photo series that has been acquired for the museum collection. In this exhibition the series is supplemented with photographs from other architectural installations.

Film: Marit Geluk