Video triptych by Inge Reisberman

Homo Bulla | The Last Waltz

  • From 10 March - 2 July 2023
  • On display on the Achterplaats
  • During opening hours
  • Duration: 3 x 4.28 minutes

man is a bubble

During the exhibition of David Bailly - Time, Death and Vanity, a video triptych by artist Inge Reisberman will be shown. Both the 17th-century painter David Bailly and Reisberman were inspired by bubbles. In the work of both artists, bubbles remind us of the fleetingness of life.

Inge Reisberman, who lives and works in Leiden, seeks to find a balance between the figurative and the abstract in her films and photo's.

The video triptych The Last Waltz was recorded in the historic Meelfabriek in Leiden. Together with professional bubble makers, Reisberman used three cameras to record the bubbles from different angles. The three short films are part of seventeen videos which were recorded between 2019 and 2021 with the overarching title Homo Bulla.

‘Bubbles are just like people: we float on the wind, together with our companions and associates, knowing that everything comes to an end. At most, we can enjoy the beauty of the moment.’

  • Inge Reisberman
Inge Reisberman, still from The Last Walz 1