Museum shop and Café Laken


A visit to a museum inspires! We have a large collection of books, gifts and exclusive items. From children to adults: there’s something for everyone in our museum shop. We sell 'Nieuw Leids Laken' (New Leiden Cloth) – exclusive woollen fabrics – per linear metre, as well as the DIY packages that you can use to get started by yourself. Designers Christie van der Haak, Mae Engelgeer, Edwin Oudshoorn, Claudy Jongstra and Petra Blaisse | Inside Outside each created a unique fabric. 'Nieuw Leids Laken' is not for sale anywhere else.


In the café, we offer a selection of local, organic and fresh products. Coffee and cakes, a sandwich with cheese, a Leiden snack board or light meal, vegetarian or with meat; it’s all possible!

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Museum shop

Photo: Ronald Tilleman

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Café Laken

Photo: Ronald Tilleman

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On the menu | Café Laken

Photo: Floris Heuer