Come Back to the Circle

Nonprofit creative agency NATV - Jesse van ‘t Hull

In Western societies, we keep wanting more. This desire is not new: for hundreds of years, European countries have been colonising areas all over the world. Where they said they would bring civilisation, they brought destruction.

Even today, Western man continues to feel the need to expand his territory. Indigenous peoples continue to be driven from their land so that big business can do as it pleases. More than just human lives are lost in the process. The 6,000 different indigenous cultures currently living on our planet make up only 5% of the world's total population, but collectively they are responsible for 80% of biodiversity. The knowledge of these indigenous peoples is essential for the survival of mankind, as the United Nations also states. Indigenous perspectives offer an alternative to the need for more, bigger and better and the destruction that comes with it.

Man is not above or outside nature, but is part of it, as the indigenous perspectives in NATV's Come Back to the Circle show. Not competition but connection brings progress. In this video installation, we are invited to take our place in the circle of which we are all a part.

about the makers

Creative broadcaster NATV makes the knowledge and perspectives of indigenous people available to a global audience that is looking for a better world and wants to create it together with others, via Instagram, among others. Creative director of NATV is filmmaker, writer and advertiser Jesse van 't Hull.

Photo: Taco van der Eb
Photo: Taco van der Eb
Photo: Taco van der Eb

If Things Grow Wrong

Come Back to the Circle is part of the exhibition If Things Grow Wrong. We want faster, bigger, more. Is that always better, or do problems grow unnoticed? The exhibition on growth addiction can be seen from October 15th in Museum De Lakenhal.

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