Portrait of an ensign of the Leiden civic guard travels to TEFAF

The Portrait of an ensign of the Leiden civic guard is going on tour! From March 11 to 19, Portrait of an ensign bearer of the Leiden civic guard by painter Ary de Vois will be on display at TEFAF Maastricht, the world's largest art and antiques fair.

De Vois' Portrait of an ensign of the Leiden civic guard has been on display at Museum De Lakenhal since December 2022. The purchase was made by the Friends of Museum De Lakenhal, with indispensable support from the Rembrandt Association. At TEFAF Maastricht, therefore, the portrait will be on display at the stand of the Rembrandt Association.

Ary de Vois, Portret van een vaandeldrager van de Leidse schutterij van schilder (1664). Collectie Museum De Lakenhal.

'With this painting by Ary de Vois, one of the best works in his oeuvre, Museum De Lakenhal has the opportunity to show the work of Leiden's fine painters in a broader context,' explains Geert-Jan Janse, director of the Rembrandt Association. 'In addition, the portrait's historical significance for Leiden is evident. I hope that further research in the future will make it possible to identify the standard-bearer and thus place the work even better in the city's history.'

About the Portrait of an ensign of the Leiden civic guard

The Leiden fine painter Ary de Vois made Portrait of an ensign at the height of his powers. Hardly any other work by this Leiden fine painter can be seen in Dutch museums. Who exactly this ensign, or standard-bearer, was, we do not know. What is certain is that he was a member of the Leiden militia. One in eight adult men in Leiden was a member of this armed militia, established to protect the city against threats from outside and unrest in the city. Ensigns had to be unmarried according to the rules of the militia. They are often the most fashionable characters in militia paintings, and were therefore eagerly highlighted by artists.