Mohammad Faizi Nazir (The Beardman)

If we keep wanting more, does that mean we are collectively and chronically dissatisfied? Not only do we seem to be dissatisfied with what we have, we also seem to be dissatisfied with who we are. Instead of confronting these feelings, we run away. This takes us further and further away from the core of the problem - and from ourselves.

Time, in short, to face our problems. What better way to wake us up than by confronting our own deadline? When we become aware of our limited time on this globe, we might start behaving differently. To this end, Mohammad Faizi Nazir designed a near-death experience, made by the Circular Warehouse. It is not only the person who sits in the coffin who experiences the anguish of the situation; the fear seizes you as well when you look at the scene. Are we finally facing ourselves? Will this confrontation help us to get rid of our addiction to growth?

"Deadline confronts visitors with their mortality. It is a seemingly simple method to help them get rid of their growth addiction, though shocking at the same time."

  • the jury of If Things Grow Wrong
Mohammad Faizi Nazir
Mohammad Faizi Nazir Photo: Hans Doderer

about the maker

Mohammad Faizi Nazir is an economics teacher, magician and creative connector. In all these roles, he strives to create an environment in which people are encouraged to explore on their own and thus to experience deep learning.

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Foto: Taco van der Eb

If Things Grow Wrong

Deadline is part of the exhibition If Things Grow Wrong. We want faster, bigger, more. Is that always better, or do problems grow unnoticed? The exhibition on growth addiction can be seen from October 15th in Museum De Lakenhal.

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