Future Fossils

Walter van der Velden and Aart Kuipers

In Future Fossils, fossils from the future become visible. They are the result of centuries of petrifying rubbish from the Anthropocene, our present time, in which the prosperity of mankind is the central theme. When these fossils are found in a distant future, no one will recognise the objects. A watering can will be mistaken for a head, a coat hanger for a tail. In this way, the archaeologists from the future will develop a totally distorted image of our time and the creatures that populated our earth.

With this work, Walter van der Velden and Aart Kuipers fantasise about the time that awaits us. They hope to make visitors think about the great impact of our constant need for new things and the deep traces we leave behind on our planet. An apparently classical arrangement of fossils slowly but surely turns into an alienating installation. The power lies in the confusion, the alienation and the humour.

from waste...
from waste...
...to fossil
...to fossil

about the makers

Walter van der Velden believes in the interdependence of people, plants and animals. He uses his artistic mindset to get people moving. Besides his work as a designer and concept creator, he has his own artistic practice: Bigpetit.

Aart Kuipers is a designer and concept maker. He studied illustrative design at the art academy in Den Bosch. He believes in the power of a good story. Despite his concerns about the future of Mother Earth, he remains, in his own words, an optimist.



Wat zou jij willen bewaren voor de toekomst? Welke voorwerpen vertellen het best iets over de tijd waarin wij leven? En snappen de mensen uit de toekomst wat al die afdrukken voorstellen? Maak je eigen fossielen voor de toekomst, met materialen die je anders zou weggooien.

naar de opdracht

"Future Fossils puts a smile on everyone's face. A great idea, confrontational and humorous at the same time."

  • the jury of If Things Grow Wrong
Photo: Taco van der Eb

If Things Grow Wrong

Future Fossils is part of the exhibition If Things Grow Wrong. We want faster, bigger, more. Is that always better, or do problems grow unnoticed? The exhibition on growth addiction can be seen from October 15th in Museum De Lakenhal.

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