Justin Andrews

Melbourne (Australia), 1973


Andrews’s practice is situated within the realm of abstraction, as well as being both of and about the time of its making. His practice sustains itself on present tense information in the form of self-directed studio experiments. The intention behind his work is to actualise the transitory for the purpose of heightening his own awareness of his existence.

All of the work that he makes orbits a central vocabulary of forms; lines, planes or abstract forms that appear in his drawings often make their way into his paintings, constructions or digital works as well. Andrews really empathize with the idea of De Stijl of ‘a unified practice where all of the works go together to make a kind of total statement’. There is an emphasis on materiality and technique in his work, and a keen understanding of how the object nature of his work exists within architectural contexts. For Openlucht Museum De Lakenhal he creates a large-scale wall drawing in paint and permanent marker.

Andrews completed both under and postgraduate studies at the Australian National University, Canberra. He lives and works in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia and teaches at the RMIT University in Melbourne. Over the past 16 years he has held solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane (AUS), Amsterdam, Basel (CH), Brussels (BE), Cologne and Dusseldorf (DE). He has exhibited in group exhibitions and participated in collaborative projects on an international level.

Towards Zero II (2017)
Towards Zero II (2017) Schetsontwerp door Justin Andrews