Kim van den Belt

Kaia draws our attention to a complex issue: carbon dioxide, or CO2 for short. As modern man, we produce more of it than the earth can handle. Designer Kim van den Belt therefore set herself a great challenge: to make a sustainable CO2 filter from algae. The filter takes the form of an elegant, transparent lamp, whose movement is reminiscent of a jellyfish bobbing in the water. When in use, the lamp absorbs CO2. After the photosynthesis process that takes place inside, the mechanism releases oxygen again. After a few months, it can even be harvested: with the biomass that is created, you can make biodiesel or even glass.

Is this the future: a lamp in your living room that not only refreshes the air, but also allows you to reap the benefits? With the development of this product, we are not only taking something from nature, but we are also giving something back. Zero on the carbon dioxide production counter, that was the goal of designer Kim van den Belt. Maybe, in the future, we will even succeed in developing a product that benefits nature.

about the maker

Kim van den Belt graduated as a product and material designer from Minerva Academy in Groningen in 2021. Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her. The solutions to our current problems are already present in nature, she believes - visible to people who dare to approach these problems from a different perspective.

Photo: Taco van der Eb
Photo: Taco van der Eb

If Things Grow Wrong

Kaia is part of the exhibition If Things Grow Wrong. We want faster, bigger, more. Is that always better, or do problems grow unnoticed? The exhibition on growth addiction can be seen from October 15th in Museum De Lakenhal.

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