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Every second Friday of the month

Your weekend starts at the museum! Visit Museum De Lakenhal every second Friday of the month between work and the pub for a dose of inspiration and knowledge. Enjoy the exhibition David Bailly - Time, death and vanity in the evening and join an in-depth programme full of lectures, workshops, performances, and more during Lakenhal Late this spring. On 10 March, we will transform Museum De Lakenhal into a cinema for one time only. Will we see you there?

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Lakenhal Late: David Bailly X Pink Moon

FRIDAY 10 March from 6 till 10 p.m.


David Bailly put out a clear message in the 17th century with his vanitas still lifes: focus on eternal life, because your time on earth is fleeting. During this next edition of Lakenhal Late, we will dive deeper into the theme of mortality and how we deal with death. Dying is part of life, just like being born. Relating to death is something we do differently during specific eras and in different cultures. Do we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed when our time comes, or do we view death as part of our lives by then? Is death something to mourn, or rather something to celebrate? The acclaimed film Pink Moon, and a discussion prior to the movie with director Floor van der Meulen and philosopher Menno de Bree, will get you thinking about how you relate to your own mortality and that of your loved ones. Before the film starts, you can visit the exhibition David Bailly - Time, death and vanity.

Please note that during this edition of Lakenhal Late, there is a fixed programme and a limited number of places due to the capacity of the Auditorium. So don't hesitate too long!

The programme

6.00 p.m.: Doors open for exhibition visit
7.00 p.m.: In conversation with director Floor van der Meulen & philosopher Menno de Bree
8.00 p.m.: Start Pink Moon
9.30 p.m.: Finish Pink Moon

Film screening Pink Moon (2022)

At 8 p.m. in the Auditorium

Tip: don't forget to get yourself a drink and a bowl popcorn before the film starts!

"Till your wish do us part"

The film Pink Moon follows the complicated dynamics and the emotional processes of the death wish of a loved one in a tragicomical and believable way. During a family dinner, patriarch Jan declares that he is tired of life. The news hits like a bomb and his daughter Iris decides to take a leave of absence. As the set date of his death draws closer, Iris moves in with her father uninvited. She is eager to find out why he came to this decision.

"Excellent film debut that makes you feel what words cannot convey. That's when you have talent. That's film." ★★★★ Allegiance

"A tantalising feature debut. Very human. Floor van der Meulen shows she has a great eye for absurdity." ★★★★ NRC Handelsblad

"Beautifully, small, sad and, above all, understated and tastefully portrayed. Exactly as it should be. Julia Akkermans excels in portraying Iris' impotence." - De Volkskrant

In conversation with Floor van der Meulen & Menno de Bree

At 7 p.m. in the auditorium

During this conversation with Floor van der Meulen (director of Pink Moon) and Menno de Bree (philosopher and ethicist) prior to the film, Luuk Heezen discusses how we relate to our own mortality and that of our loved ones. Then, now ánd later.

About Floor van der Meulen

Photo: Daphne Lucker

Director Floor van der Meulen graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2012. In 2014 she made her international debut with Paradise Stormers, a documentary about Dutch jihad fighters in Syria. This was followed in 2019 by the documentary The Last Male on Earth, about the very last northern white rhino on Earth. For her film debut Pink Moon, Van der Meulen received a Special Mention at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival in New York: the honorary award for a promising directorial debut.

About Menno de Bree

Photo: Hester Doove

Menno de Bree (1974) studied philosophy and worked as an ethicist for Heineken, Nyenrode and the University Medical Centre Groningen. He provides philosophical lectures, thinking courses and workshops. In his column for the Financieele Dagblad, he shares his views on the imperfect life. With his contrary thoughts, he likes to explain why - like him - we struggle with topics such as life and death, ambition and happiness.

Photo: Joep Jacobs

Visiting the exhibition

From 6 p.m. till 8 p.m.

Prior to the film, visit the exhibition David Bailly - Time, death and vanity. This exhibition focuses on Bailly's Vanitas still life with portrait of a young painter. Despite this painting's familiarity, the painter is hardly known to the general public. Therefore we put this unknown 17th-century master painter in the spotlight with an exhibition dedicated to his life an oevre. You will get to know David Bailly and his work based on 90 pieces, including portraits and vanitas images by him, and works by contemporaries such as Gerrit Dou, Jan Lievens and Rembrandt van Rijn.

First view: Inge Reisberman - The Last Waltz

All evening at the Achterplaats

During this edition of the Lakenhal Late, the work The Last Waltz from artist Inge Reisberman's Homo Bulla-series will be on display at the museum for the first time. Erasmus said it all: homo bulla est - or: man is like a bubble. On the outside we may look untouchable, but we are actually very vulnerable. Because of these characteristics, the soap bubble is a classic metaphor in painting, for example in vanitas still lifes. The bubble also inspired Leiden artist Inge Reisberman. In the video triptych The Last Waltz, she poetically recorded a special smoke bubble performance with three cameras in the former Boiler House of the Meelfabriek in Leiden.

Practical information

  • Date: Friday 10 March
  • Time: 6 till 10 p.m. (the film starts at 8 p.m., you can visit the exhibition before the start of the film)
  • Price: €10 regular or €7.50 with Museumkaart, student ID/tote or other discount cards. Ticket includes one free drink and a bowl of popcorn
  • Sign up: order your tickets online or at the box office on the night itself. But be aware, there are only so many seats in the Auditorium


Lakenhal Late of 10 March is made possible in part by:

September Films
Floor van der Meulen
Menno de Bree
Luuk Heezen