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Every second Friday of the month

Your weekend starts at the museum! Come to Museum De Lakenhal every second Friday of the month between work and the pub for a hefty dose of inspiration and knowledge. Join us with an in-depth programme full of lectures, workshops, performances, and more. Will we see you there?

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Thread Roots - Talkshow

Friday 12 April from 19:00 till 22:00

Migration and textiles are common threads running through the work of Korean artist Kimsooja. On April 12, moderator Yuki Kho (of, among others, the podcast Naakt op een kleedje) delves deeper into the relationships between art, migration and textiles with several guests. Film Festival Leiden Shorts is putting together a program of films around these themes. Join a flash tour of the exhibition of Kimsooja - Thread Roots or get to work in the studio and make your own mini bottari.



From 19.15 till 20.00 in the Auditorium

Host Yuki Kho, along with several guests, delves into Kimsooja's work and the relationship between art, migration and textiles. For example, curator Nicole Roepers talks about the creation of the exhibition. Why is the work of the internationally renowned Kimsooja so fitting in Museum De Lakenhal in particular? And what relationships does Kimsooja establish with the history of Leiden as a textile city and the museum's collection?

Photo: Simone Both

Also joining us are Michelle Piergoelam. She is a photographer and one of the initiators of the Rotterdam-based Tailors & Wearers. This foundation is dedicated to the preservation, research and presentation of Afro-Surinamese costume. Yuki Kho talks to Michelle about Tailors & Weavers and how her practice as an artist is connected to the collective.

In addition, learn more about the project Threads, which Museum De Lakenhal is organizing to accompany this exhibition. Twelve women from Leiden and surrounding areas share their love of textiles and stories of settlement in the Netherlands. Artist Ramia Suleiman, who accompanies the women, will tell more about the project.

During the talk show, the catalog accompanying the exhibition Kimsooja - Thread Roots will also be presented.

You can walk in during the talkshow.

Yuki Kho
Yuki Kho
Still from Nobu (2020) by Sarah Blok en Lisa Konno
Still from Nobu (2020) by Sarah Blok en Lisa Konno

Film Program Weaving Stories of Home

From 20.15 till 21.45 in the Auditorium

During Lakenhal Late, you can watch several films on the evening's theme, curated by Film Festival Leiden Shorts. Inspired by Kimsooja's visual works, Leiden Shorts sought films about the poignant realities of migration, labor and the deep desire to feel at home somewhere. This film program invites you to reflect on the human experiences that connect us. Follow the entire film program or join individual films. Among others, you will see Nobu (2020) and Baba (2020) by Sarah Blok and Lisa Konno, and Vitória (2021) by Ricardo Alves Jr.

Workshop Make your own Bottari

from 20:00 till 22:00 in the Open Studio

Bottaris are garishly colored cloths knotted together and contain personal belongings and clothing of voluntary or forced travelers. In Korea, they have been used for centuries. They are also recognizable objects from the work of visual artist Kimsooja. It looks a bit like the Dutch knapsack, the square piece of cloth you tie to a stick like a pouch full of personal items. But in Korea, they don't use a stick and and the bundles of textiles knotted together are also much larger. Moreover, their symbolic value is of greater importance.

In the workshop, you will make your super-personal little bottari with fabric and paint and gelli-plates. Think of a symbol or pattern that suits you and use a gelli-plate to print it on a piece of cotton so that we immediately know that this is your bottari. Textile markers can also be used to write text on the fabric. Protect your personal item, garment or nest scent by tying fabric around it when you go out into the world.

Photo: Joep Jacobs

Flash tour by Kimsooja

Continuous from 20.00 till 22.00 at the Grote Pers

Want to learn more about Kimsooja's work? Take a flash tour of the exhibition Kimsooja - Thread Roots. You'll learn about her personal history and how she works with global themes such as migration, freedom of movement and the feeling of being somewhere at home. You'll also learn more about her connection to the Leiden cloth industry.

You can join a flash tour throughout the evening. The starting point is the Grote Pers on the second floor.

practical information

  • Date: Friday 12 April
  • Time: 19:00 till 22:00
  • Price: €10 regular ticket or €7.50 with Museumkaart, student pass or other discount cards
  • Attendance: order your tickets online or or at the box office on the evening itself (gone = gone)
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During Lakenhal Late, part of the museum is open. For some program elements, the number of participants is limited. Program changes are subject to change.