Lakenhal Late

Every second friday of the month

Your weekend starts at the museum! Every second Friday of the month, come to Museum De Lakenhal between work and the pub for a heavy dose of inspiration and knowledge. During Lakenhal Late this spring, you can visit the exhibition David Bailly – Tijd, dood en ijdelheid and join an in-depth program full of lectures, workshops, performances, and more. Will we see you there?

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Artists are always looking for inspiration. For contemporary makers, the work of David Bailly is a wonderful source of inspiration, his vanitas still lifes in particular.. After all, the themes of time, death and vanity are universal - they keep us even today quite busy. This edition of Lakenhal Late therefore introduces you to various (creators of) current adaptations of the vanitas theme in the form of video art, photography, spoken word and classical music. In addition, philosopher Lammert Kamphuis will challenge you in a relaxed way to reflect on the theme of mortality and the Atelier will be open all evening for a walk-in workshop.



At 7:30 pm in the Auditorium

Luuk Heezen (known from the podcast Kunst is Lang among other things) asks Koen Hauser, Bram Kortekaas and Inge Reisberman about how they relate to the themes of time, death and vanity, and how David Bailly's work has (or has not) inspired them in their own creative process.

About Koen Hauser

Koen Hauser (1972) is a photographer and visual artist. Both on commission and in his autonomous projects, he refers to images from cultural institutions, museums, archives and the public domain. His work is represented in both national and international collections - including that of Museum De Lakenhal. For the publication In your face he was commissioned by Haro Schultz van Haegen to make a brand new photo series inspired by objects from Haro's personal collection and the Vanitas still life with portrait of a young painter by David Bailly.

About Bram Kortekaas

Bram Kortekaas (1989) is a composer of contemporary classical music. His music has been performed by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and the Groot Omroepkoor, among others. To the Vanitas still life with portrait of a young painter by David Bailly, Bram composed the brand new piece Vanitas vanitatum, which will be performed live on stage during this edition of Lakenhal Laat.

Photo: Malou Kranen

About Inge Reisberman

The video installations of visual artist Inge Reisberman (1959) are characterized by a balanced relationship between poetry and rawness and craftsmanship and imagination, where content and environment come together in a conceptual and sensory way. Her work is represented in several national collections, including that of Museum De Lakenhal. During David Bailly - Time, Death and Vanity, her work The Last Waltz from the video series Homo Bulla can be admired at the Achterplaats, in which smoke bubbles disintegrate poetically in the Leiden Flour Factory.

Photo: Hans van Egdom


At 7:30 and 9 pm in the Rembrandt Room

Visual art and music are often a wonderful combination. In the Rembrandt Hall, violinist Tosca Opdam, artistic director of the Miniatures series, and viola player Iteke Wijbenga will perform four classical works in an intimate setting, beautifully connected to the life and work of David Bailly. Of course, the brand new piece Vanitas Vanitatum by Bram Kortekaas is not missing! We can accommodate 40 people per concert.

About Tosca Opdam

Photo: Maarten Schuth

Already at the age of eleven, violinist Tosca Opdam was soloing with an orchestra for the first time. Then she drew all the attention to herself when she won the Oskar Back Competition in 2011. 'An overwhelming musical personality' the Volkskrant called her on that occasion. Since then, Tosca has made her violin heard around the world. She has performed in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, De Doelen in Rotterdam and Carnegie Hall in New York and has also performed as a soloist with Holland Symfonia. She also played at the Delft Chamber Music Festival, the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival and the Liberation Concert on the Amstel in the presence of the Royal Family.

About Iteke Wijbenga

Iteke Wijbenga is a versatile viola player. She completed her master's degree cum laude at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Since then she has performed at home and abroad: in large and small venues such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and at festivals such as the Grachtenfestival. Chamber music is her greatest passion. She is a member of the Helios Trio, among others, and often plays with Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer and Tobias Borsboom. She also holds a part-time position in the Residentie Orkest. Iteke is founder and artistic director of the Chamber Music Festival Groningen which had its first edition in 2022.


At 9:00 pm in the Auditorium

With his vanitas still lifes, David Bailly proclaimed a clear message in the 17th century: focus on eternal life, because your time on earth is only fleeting. One thing we know for sure even today: we are all going to die. We prefer not to think about that too much. But that could be a big mistake! After all, according to many philosophers, we can use the certainty of death to live our lives today as intensely and beautifully as possible. During this interactive lecture by philosopher, best-selling author and speaker Lammert Kamphuis you will be challenged in a relaxed way to reflect on mortality. In addition, you will explore with other participants how attitudes toward death vary by culture and time - using the 17th century as a starting point.


At 7:15, 8:15 and 9:30 pm at the exhibition halls

Sophia Blyden is a writer, poet and programmer. Her writings explore themes of loneliness, power relations and her roots in the Caribbean. Often in a tone that touches on the cynical and bitter. She searches for words that reflect the hopelessness and depression of our current society, without completely losing the lightness and hope. Especially for this edition of Lakenhal Late she was inspired by the exhibition David Bailly - Time, Death and Vanity and through spoken word explores the transience of our existence. What does transience mean in a time when the world seems to be on fire? We can accommodate 20 people per timeslot.

Photo: Sanne de Wilde


All evening in the Atelier

Leiden artist Maurice Braspenning is under the spell of David Bailly. In his Bailly Project, he focussed on one work: Vanitas Still Life with Portrait of a Young Painter. He highlighted details, distorted them and incorporated his own stories. In this walk-in workshop, inspired by his own process, he will introduce you to the intricacies of self-portraiture.


all evening

During Lakenhal Late, you can of course also visit David Bailly - Time, Death and Vanity. This exhibition focuses on Bailly's Vanitas still life with portrait of a young painter. Despite the fact that this work seems familiar to many people, the painter is hardly known to the general public. In this exhibition, therefore, we bring attention to this unknown 17th-century master painter. You will get to know David Bailly and his work through 90 pieces, including portraits and vanitas representations by his hand, and work by contemporaries such as Gerrit Dou, Jan Lievens and Rembrandt van Rijn.

Photo: Joep Jacobs

practical information

  • Date: Friday 14 April
  • Time: 7 to 10 pm
  • Price: €10 regular or €7,50 with Museumkaart, studentbag or other discount passes.
  • Sign up: order your tickets online or at the box office on the night itself (gone = gone)

Please note that only the exhibition David Bailly - Time, Death and Vanity is open during this edition of Lakenhal Late. The rest of the museum is closed. The program may change leading up to the evening itself due to unforeseen circumstances. Keep an eye on this page for the most up-to-date info.


Lakenhal Late on 14 April is made possible by:

Sophia Blyden
Maurice Braspenning
Koen Hauser
Luuk Heezen
Lammert Kamphuis
Bram Kortekaas
Tosca Opdam
Inge Reisberman
Iteke Wijbenga