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Every second Friday of the month

Your weekend starts at the museum! Come to Museum De Lakenhal every second Friday of the month between work and the pub for a hefty dose of inspiration and knowledge. Join us with an in-depth programme full of lectures, workshops, performances, and more. Will we see you there?

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She/Her: Women & Art

Friday 8 March from 19:00 till 22:00

A mass strike by women in the textile and garment industry in Chicago on 8 March 1908, led to the declaration of International Women's Day in 1910. In some countries, such as Suriname in the 1970s, International Women's Day is a national holiday to reflect on women's emancipation. In the art world, too, there is still much to do. Think of the underrepresentation of women in museum collections to lower prices for work by female artists. That is why women will have the leading role during Lakenhal Late on 8 March. This evening, dive into inspiring stories about women and art.


Shardenia Felicia, Circles, 2023. Exhibition overview, My Oma, Kunstinstituut Melly.
Shardenia Felicia, Circles, 2023. Exhibition overview, My Oma, Kunstinstituut Melly. Photo: Kristie Daem

'That's what she said': Meet the artists

Meet the work of artists Lenny Waasdorp and Shardenia Felicia. Cathelijne Blok (Titty Mag) talks to them about the role of feminism in their work on intimacy, vulnerability, motherhood, family relationships, safety and resistance. With a contribution from students at Studio Moio.

Flash tours

From 2 March to 21 July at Museum De Lakenhal: Korean artist Kimsooja's first major solo exhibition. In her art, she combines personal history with global themes such as migration, feeling at home and being a woman. Get acquainted with her work in a flash tour.

Kimsooja, Cities on the Move - 2727km Bottari Truck (Artist Facing Mountain), 1997
Kimsooja, Cities on the Move - 2727km Bottari Truck (Artist Facing Mountain), 1997
Theo and Nelly van Doesburg
Theo and Nelly van Doesburg

Talk: De Stijl without Nelly was not jolly

Theo van Doesburg (1883 - 1931) is the founder of De Stijl, the influential and radically innovative art movement that originated in Leiden in 1917. But where would Theo van Doesburg have been without Nelly van Doesburg (1899 - 1975)? Best known as "the wife of," she was also a painter, pianist and dancer. Curator of modern art Renée Volkers takes you through the important role Nelly van Doesburg played as an artist and partner in the work and legacy of Theo van Doesburg.

Marlene Dumas, De muze is moe, 1994
Marlene Dumas, De muze is moe, 1994

Talk: The muse is tired

Marlene Dumas (1953) works a lot with opposites in her art, such as those between man and woman. Her work is often erotically tinged, as in this screen print and accompanying poem The muse is tired. In doing so, she commented on the bizarre number of roles a muse takes on. The silkscreen, along with a number of drawings, is part of the collection of Museum De Lakenhal. Dive into these works together with curator of contemporary art Nicole Roepers.

OPO ADYEN performance

Get carried away by the singing of OPO ADYEN. In the performance of this music group of Surinamese origin, you will be introduced to a number of songs sung during the first official celebration of Women's Day in Suriname in 1974.

Artist talk

Get to know the work of performance artist Noa Marthe Prins in this lecture meets performance. With resistance theater and comedy, she explores themes of work, performance and exploitation. Consider topics such as the decline in value of labor by women or resume bluffing in the art world.


  • Date: Friday 8 March
  • Time: 19:00 - 22:00
  • Price: €10 regular ticket or €7.50 with Museumkaart, student pass or other discount cards
  • Attendance: order your tickets online or or at the box office on the evening itself (gone = gone)
  • Dresscode: On Fridays we wear pink
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During Lakenhal Late, part of the museum is open. For some program elements, the number of participants is limited. Program changes are subject to change.