Mindfulness X Intuition

First session on October 30, December 4, December 18 and January 15

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There is a voice that uses no words. Listen.
~ Rumi

You can't force your intuition, but you can make space for it. That's why we are opening the museum extra early for you on a number of Sunday mornings. Join us on a special journey through the exhibition Imagine Intuition and your inner world, led by mindfulness trainer Jolien Posthumus.

inner world

In this special mindfulness session you will explore your intuition through your various senses before opening time and in a small group. The art in the museum will be our anchor in this process. In addition to our five familiar senses (sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing), in this neurosensitive mindfulness practice you will be introduced to perceiving neuroception - a sixth sense. This sense of our inner world may well be the neural basis of our intuition, according to scientists.

After a brief introduction, you'll explore the Imagine Intuition exhibition and your own inner world in silence, while Jolien meditatively guides you through the exercise. During her meditative guidance you will explore the colors, rhythm, sounds, form and space of your outer and inner worlds. You will wonder, explore, and awaken your consciousness in a questioning, non-judgmental way. In this way you will make space for the inner voice that uses no words.

Afterwards, you will gather with the group for a Mindfulness Based Inquiry, led by Jolien. In silent contemplation or just by sharing your experiences in words out loud with others, you'll explore what this way of looking at art contributes to your intuition, and how you can give it a place in your daily life more often.

Practical information

  • Date: October 30 (sold out), December 4 (sold out), December 18 (sold out) and January 15 (sold out)
  • Time: 09.00 – 10.30 A.M.
  • Price: €27,50 regular or €15 with discount card (for example Museumkaart), including entrance to the museum and coffee or tea and something sweet at Café Laken afterwards
  • Sign up: order your tickets here (there is a maximum of 12 tickets)


With 15 years of experience as Quartermaster of Culture & Wellness, Jolien puts together programs that explore the relationship between culture, wellness and mindfulness. As highest degree trauma and neuro sensitive mindfulness trainer and therapist in training, she develops mindfulness programs for numerous museums, including the Museum of the Mind, the Van Gogh Museum and now Museum De Lakenhal. Her programs bring knowledge about mental health and (neuro-)diversity. They contribute to stress reduction, promote self-development and help you relate differently to fear, emotions and thoughts. Her programs also cultivate your Curiosity Quotient (CQ): your curious intelligence and creativity.