On 1 May, Museum De Lakenhal celebrates its 150th anniversary: in 1874, the old Laecken-Halle was renamed Leiden's city museum and opened to the public. This milestone will be celebrated with free admission for all and a festive programme from early to late. With flash lectures, music, workshops, meetings and, of course, cake. Will you be there?

Museum De Lakenhal celebrates

day program: 1 May, from 10:00 till 17:00

The day starts immediately with a festive musical performance by marching band Jong K&G. Mayor Peter van der Velden and museum director Tanja Elstgeest open the museum gate. The first 150 visitors of the day will receive a piece of cake. Throughout the day, be surprised by personal stories from well-known and less well-known Leiden people about their favourite object. Dive into the Open Studio and philosophise about the museum of the future while drawing. Follow flash lectures by curators or have your picture taken as Rembrandt's Brillenverkoper.

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Night of the Senses

evening program: 1 May, from 20:00 till 00:00

Join the Night of the Senses in the evening. Inspired by the presentation Rembrandt's Four Senses, contemporary artists will play on your senses in a variety of ways. Take a scent tour through the museum and get carried away by musical performances by violinist Tosca Opdam and band inneruu, among others. Or let the writing workshop by artist collective ROEM challenge you to look into the distant future.

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This activity is made possible with support from Cultuurfonds Zuid-Holland.