Museumnacht Leiden at Museum De Lakenhal

Saturday 28 May | from 8 PM - 1 AM.

Saturday 28 May is the fourteenth edition of Museum Night Leiden. With the theme deja vu, reality and dreams will merge during the Museumnacht (Museum Night), where you can take part in all sorts of activities until late in the evening in various participating museums. Museum De Lakenhal also participates, read below to find out more about the activities.


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On Saturday 28 May between 10.00 and 17.00 you can also buy tickets at the box office in Museum De Lakenhal.

Cathelijne Blok on the history of applied arts

20.30 - 23.00H

Applied arts and DIY are experiencing a magnificentcome-back! From graphics, furniture production, crocheting to knitting; needles and sewing machines are working overtime. Cathelijne Blok, who is an art-historian, public speaker and founder of the feminist art platform Titty Mag will take you aboard on a journey through the developmental history of arts and crafts . Come and learn about the various ways in which young creatives are reviving the discipline!

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Cathelijne Blok
Cathelijne Blok

Workshop Visible Mending – Handwerkstudio Leiden

20.00 - 01.00H

Has your most beloved piece of clothing been tossed to the back of your wardrobe? Whether it’s a hole in your favorite blouse or an unwanted tear in a trouser: make sure to put it in your totebag and repair it on the Museumnacht! At Museum De Lakenhal’s atelier the independent artists behind Handwerkstudio Leiden will learn you how to revive your clothing piece. Come and experiment with various materials during their Visible Mending workshop. Not only will you be able to give your textiles a second life, you might also be guaranteed of an outfit to wear to the Afterparty!

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Theater group Domino plays Déjà Vu

The theatre group Domino consists of 25 actors, directors and coaches; they have created a name for themselves and have grown quickly to be a popular group performing multiple shows. Come dwell around Museum De Lakenhal: lose and find yourself in various moments in the past, which have been essential to Leiden’s history! From Leids Ontzet to the trade in Leidse textiles. Let yourself be surprised!

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Theatergezelschap Domino
Theatergezelschap Domino


20.15 - 21.00H

During the Museum Night, the magical art film Planktonium is screened in the auditorium of Museum De Lakenhal. Jan van IJken, an artist from Leiden, made this short abstract film about the secret life of plankton. These organisms are so small that you cannot see them with the naked eye, but that does not make them any less beautiful! Planktonium takes you to an unknown universe, inhabited by wonderful creatures from Dutch ditches and lakes. The special sound composition was made by the Norwegian artist Jana Winderen.Jan van IJken will personally introduce the film and answer questions.

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DansBlok OVER & OVER

Between 22.00 and 00.15H

To escape from the everyday, everyone searches for an outlet from time to time. In these figurative and physical performances by four dancers, the audience is invited to join a night out at the club. A world in which you can be yourself, totally, shamelessly, where you can lose yourself in the moment. What happens when you loosen your grip on expectations? Which borders fade? OVER & OVER is a contagious, challenging and energetic dance performance that drags you into the night. During Museumnacht you get the chance to see the shortened version of the show by DansBlok. The dance collective from Leiden consists of Rosa Allessie, Éryn Nieuwint, Dieuwertje Spek and Tessa Wouters.

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Fashion for Good: Tips for a sustainable Wardrobe

21.15 - 22.00H

More and more people are trying to make their wardrobe more sustainable. But how do you go about it? The world of sustainable fashion is very complex. In this interactive session, the Fashion for Good Museum will help you on your way with tips for a sustainable wardrobe. Fashion for Good believes the fashion industry can and must change and is an expert in spreading the right knowledge about this. The session will be given by sustainable fashion expert Yael. For anyone interested in fashion, sustainability or innovation.

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Alicia Fernandez – Photo in silver


Imagine yourself in the roaring 20’s of the former century! Let yourself be captured in a silver reflection by professional photographer Alicia Fernandez Solla. She photographs visitors amidst the works of the Christa Ehrlich – pioneer in design exposition. Although Ehrlich’s designs are surprisingly modern, but your face gets a touch of nostalgia. Now that’s a déjà vu…

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Classical pianist Willemijn de Widt

20.00- 23.00H

Between the works of art in Museum De Lakenhal there is a grand piano for museum visitors to play. During Museum Night, classical pianist Willemijn de Widt will set a good example every hour/half hour? Dream away with her romantic repertoire, while you take in the works of art by Van Doesburg and other modernists. You can also get behind the keys before or after the performances.

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DJ La Mer

20.00 - 00.00H

La Mer is an Electronic Music Producer, DJ, Cellist and Composer based in The Hague, the Netherlands. She combines classical roots with a passion for electronic music to create her own unique sound. Surpassing various genres with a diverse flow and progress. Come and enjoy her tunes at the monumental precinct of Museum De Lakenhal!

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Music from Stella Polaris

20.00 - 23.00H

The singers of the vocal ensemble Stella Polaris from Leiden found eachother in their shared appreciation for the enchanting work of the Norwegian composer Ola Gjeilo. Their repertoire encompasses music from the Renaissance to the present-day. From the fiery vocals of Mente to the charming music of the Dutch composer Jetse Bremer and the many composers in between. Central ofcourse is the work of Ola Gjeilo, the Pole Star to which their musical journey leads them. Let yourself be surprised by their diverse sound on the Museumnacht.

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Rondleidingen door de collectie

Tussen 20.00 en 23.50 uur

De hele avond kun je dondleidingen van 20 minuten door de vaste collectie volgen. Een déjà vu van Leidse geschiedenis door enthousiaste deskundigen.

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