Lakenhal on the map

21 june 2016

Museum De Lakenhal acquired a 'Large Hagen' city map from 1670. This map chart from Leiden is printed from twelve copperplates by Christiaan Hagen (1633-1695). The plates were already in the collection. Even so, they were among the earliest collection pieces, given their inventory number 2. They were already mentioned in the first catalogue from 1875-76. It's very special that the Leiden plates were never lost, damaged or melted down, like what happened in other cities. The museum did not yet have an original seventeenth century print of the map, which makes this acquisition extra special. The 'Large Hagen' that is now in Museum De Lakenhal had been on display in the local V&D La Place restaurant for years.

Christiaan Hagen, City map of Leiden, 1670
Christiaan Hagen, City map of Leiden, 1670
copperplate with image of the Lakenhal
copperplate with image of the Lakenhal

trade cards

It seems that the city of Leiden once did own a Large Hagen city map. In the museum, the so-called 'Rijnland map' is on display. This map was accepted as a gift from the 'Hoogheemraadschap' of Rijnland in 1882. 9 December 1882's minutes mention a trade.


This probably refers to the card from 1670 which is to be found in the Hoogheemraadschap's online archive.

take a look at the map

Curator of artistry Prosper de Jong will keep researching the link between the two maps.

It must look fantastic when, after the reopening in 2018, the two maps are on display together.

curator Prosper de Jong