Are you looking for an image of a work from our collection? Image files of collection items from Museum De Lakenhal in the public domain can be downloaded free of charge through the collection website. These images are safe to use for publication or educational purpose.

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Would you like to use images from our collection for a publication in professional print? Send a request for high-resolution files, with publication specifications, to fotoservice@lakenhal.nl. There is usually no charge for this. However, we do kindly ask you for a presentation copy. Please keep in mind that in case of busy times, delivery can take up to three weeks.

Do you need images for press purposes? Please send a request to pr@lakenhal.nl.


When using our image files, acknowledgement is highly appreciated: Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden.

You are kindly requested to send a presentation copy of the publication to the address below for our collection documentation.

Museum De Lakenhal
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The Netherlands


Visitors of this website are reminded that some of the works may be subject to copyright law. Museum De Lakenhal does not have the rights to provide these image files. These collection items are therefore not available for download through the collection website. They are to be requested through the form mentioned above. For use of works of visual artist affiliated with a CISAC-organization, other than consultation via Internet, permission is required from Pictoright

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