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In addition to the exhibition Global Imaginations in De Meelfabriek, in and outside of Leiden a satellite programme was organised.

Gallery at the LUMC

The gallery of the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) hosted a satellite exhibition called Global Inspirations, that also addressed the themes of Global Imaginations.

More information: lumc.nl

Natascha Libbert, Malak, colour photo, 105 x 105 cm, 2012
Natascha Libbert, Malak, colour photo, 105 x 105 cm, 2012

Framer Framed

The exhibition Simuda Nyuma. Forward Ever Backward Never was organised by Framer Framed parallel to Global Imaginations in Leiden. [Andrea Stultiens[(http://lakenhal.nl/uk/story/andrea-stultiens), whose work was also included in Global Imaginations, has co-curated this exhibition at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.

Stultiens works on her thesis at the PhDArts, an institute that is part of Leiden University. For that thesis she is studying a number of photo collections she discovered in Uganda. Go Forward is also the title of a series of three books about three Baganda Kings and their reigns, written by Ugandan chief Ham Mukasa (ca. 1870-1956). Ugandan artists are responding to those books and their contents in their artistic works.

More information: framerframed.nl

Image: chief Ham Mukasa
Image: chief Ham Mukasa