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Layer upon layer

The paintings of David Bailly have multiple layers, both in meaning and technique. Look closely at the 1651 painting Vanitas Still Life with Portrait of a Young Painter. This painting consists of a foreground, a middle and a background. There are also hidden layers in the objects depicted. Many of them have additional meaning. For example, the extinguished candle, the soap bubbles, the skull, the wilting flowers and the hourglass were painted by Bailly to indicate the temporality of life on earth.

A gelli plate is a kind of magic plate for children and adults. You use it to make a single print: a monoprint. The special thing about this technique is that you don't need a printing press. You apply the paint to the plate and create structures with whatever you can think of: a spatula, string, orange net or something completely different. Then you make a print. Making several layers on top of each other creates a magical effect. Get started with this printing technique and discover your different layers!

Practical information

Dates: every Sunday until 2 July (extra edition on Wednesday 3 May)
Time: continuously from 1 to 4 pm
Location: Atelier
Price: free with a valid entry ticket
Registration: not necessary, just walk in and join us