OPEN ATELIER: Multi-color printing on legs

Every SUNDAY between 28 July and 15 September, and extra on Wednesday, 21 August between 13:00 and 16:00.

Do you feel like boosting your creativity? Then come to our Open Studio on Sundays from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Starting Sunday, July 28, you can get to work with insects, linoleum and ink in the workshop "Multi-color printing on legs," inspired by the presentation Summers! You can also join us on Wednesdays on August 21.

Colour prints on legs

When you think of summer, you can think of sun, sea, beach, flowers and... critters. Flying and itchy bugs. At the museum, we don't really like bugs at all, because they can damage objects and paintings. But for this time only we will make an exception. We are going to depict insects via linocut, printing in two colors. Linocut is a relief printing technique, where an image is cut out of a piece of linoleum. If you print a color area first and print the image over that, you have created a multi-color print. Get inspired by examples of insects from the museum collection or follow your own imagination and make up a non-existent insect, for example. Anything works. Get to work and ask the artist, who will be present as a museum teacher, for advice if you can't get any further.


Dates: every Sunday between 28 July and 15 September and extra on Wednesday 21 August
Time: continuously from 13:00 till 16:00
Location: the Studio
Price: free with a valid ticket
Registration: not necessary, just walk in and join us

Staal met imitatie-batik (1887-1889) van de Leidsche Katoen Maatschappij
Staal met imitatie-batik (1887-1889) van de Leidsche Katoen Maatschappij


Prefer to work at home? There are lots of assignments for you in the Home studio. To do together or alone, with paper and pencil or with things from the kitchen. Check out the assignments and create your own optical illusion, for example.