Museum De Lakenhal is a welcoming museum and does its best to ensure everyone has an enjoyable visit, irrespective of background, age or disability, in any form whatsoever. The museum offers special services and programmes for visitors with specific needs.

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For people with physical disabilities

By public transport
The most sustainable way to reach the museum is by bicycle or public transport. Museum De Lakenhal is situated 10 minutes by foot from Leiden Central Station. The nearest bus stop with wheelchair access is Nieuwe Beestenmarkt. From there, it is about two minutes to the museum. Plan your route via Google Maps .

By car
There is a parking space in front of the museum at Oude Singel 32 for disabled visitors. There are 15 parking spaces available in Lammermarkt Car Park for people in possession of a disability card. From there, it is about three minutes to the main entrance. You can find an overview of car parks for the disabled in Leiden here.

Directions to the museum
Museum De Lakenhal is located in the historic city centre of Leiden. This means that the roads and paths leading to the museum building may be uneven.

Directions in the museum
The majority of the museum building is accessible to people who are physically impaired. A special floor plan indicating the best route through the museum is available for people using a mobility aid. Almost all floors are accessible via the lift. However, a few areas in the historic part of Museum De Lakenhal are unfortunately not accessible, including the Traditional Dutch Kitchen and the floor in the University Hall . These areas have been photographed to produce panoramic images . These can also be found in the L@kenhal app, which is free to download and available for both iOS and Android.

Doorways and corridors
Due to the building's historic character, some doorways and corridors are no wider than 85 centimetres. It is therefore not possible to use manual and electric wheelchairs or foldable mobility scooters in the museum that are wider than 85 centimetres. If you wish, you can transfer to a museum wheelchair in the Achterplaats. However, if that is not an option, you can view the panoramic images of all the galleries in the free L@kenhal app, available for both iOS and Android.

Mobility scooters
We consider mobility scooters as a means of transport. They are therefore not permitted in the museum. You may enter the museum with a foldable mobility scooter. We kindly ask you to limit the speed to that of our walking visitors, to guarantee their safety and that of the objects in the museum.

Free aids
Besides benches in the galleries, the museum provides free mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, walking frames and folding crutches. These are available from the information desk and can be used throughout the museum. All mobility aids can be booked prior to your visit by contacting us at info@lakenhal.nl. Please note: this mailbox will not be read on weekends.

Accessible toilet
There is one wheelchair accessible toilet in the museum. This is located near the Achterplaats and is indicated on the floor plan. The museum does not have an official changing room for adults.

Automated teller machines (ATMs)
All ATMs in the museum are mobile or fitted with a long cable.

Café Laken
Café Laken is accessible to everyone who would like to enjoy a drink and a snack. The staff are happy to assist you to an appropriate table if one is available. Mobility scooters are unfortunately not permitted in Café Laken.

For deaf and hearing-impaired visitors

Guided tours in Dutch Sign Language
Together with Stichting in Gebaren, the museum is offering guided tours in Dutch Sign Language, which are provided by guides who are deaf themselves. More information about dates en times.

Would you like to participate in an activity at the museum with assistance from a speech-to-text or sign-language interpreter? You are welcome to bring your own interpreter with you. Your interpreter can enter the museum free of charge to assist you. The museum also employs its own interpreters who you can use for free during public activities, depending on availability. If you would like to use a museum interpreter, please contact the Coordinator of Public Programming, Anouk Heesbeen, at a.heesbeen@lakenhal.nl at least one month prior to the activity.

Audio induction loop
An audio induction loop is present in the Auditorium and the Achterplaats.

For stimulus-sensitive visitors

Quieter periods
If you would prefer to visit the museum during regular opening hours when it is less busy, we advise you to plan your visit outside weekends and holiday periods. The quietest times are usually at the beginning and end of the day.

Low-stimulus events
Museum De Lakenhal regularly organises special low-stimulus events for people with autism, sensory-overload disorders or non-congenital brain damage. During these events, there are a limited number of visitors in the museum, lights are dimmed and sounds dampened and a special relaxation room is available. Consult the activities overview for upcoming possibilities.

Additional assistance

Individuals who are unable to visit the museum independently can be accompanied by one carer free of charge upon presentation of a Public Transport Companion Pass, a Disabled Parking Companion Pass or a statement signed by a GP or treating physician. Speech-to-text or sign-language interpreters may also be admitted free of charge when providing assistance. Leashed registered guide dogs are also more than welcome in the museum. If you have any questions during your museum visit or need help with anything, please feel free to ask a member of staff for assistance.


Museum De Lakenhal has compiled an emergency plan, which includes the evacuation of visitors who need additional support. In the event of an emergency, please report to the nearest security officer, who will assist you further.

Personalised services and programmes

Accessibility of Museum De Lakenhal is a continuous process. You might be unable to participate as a regular visitor, or you need more time, space or support during your museum visit. Or you may have a question or an idea to improve the accessibility of Museum De Lakenhal. If so, please contact the Coordinator of Public Programming, Anouk Heesbeen, at a.heesbeen@lakenhal.nl or on 071 516 7533. We are always looking to find the best solution.