Lakenhal Late

Every second friday of the month

Your weekend starts at the museum! Come to Museum De Lakenhal every second Friday of the month between work and the pub for a dose of inspiration and knowledge. Visit during Lakenhal Late between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. a part of the museum and participate in an in-depth program consisting of artist talks, performances and workshops. A drink (the first one is on us) and live music are included. Do we see you there?

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Lakenhal Late: smell the roses

FRIDAY 10 february from 7 pm till 10 pm

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The programme on february 10th:

About the theme: smell the roses

When you smell a scent, you don't think about it quietly first. You immediately have an association with it: good or bad. Even more remarkable: smell is the sense par excellence to evoke memories. This is because, unlike memories or language, we never forget smells. So make Valentine's Day an extra special memory this year by immersing yourself and your date in the 'smell the roses' theme during Lakenhal Laat. Follow a special scent tour, join a special multi-sensory lecture by fragrance artist Frank Bloem and Aromajockey Scentman, drink an olfactory cocktail at the Achterplaats and learn to draw noses in the Atelier. With a special Valentine's promotion on the admission price this time too!

Mysteries and smokescreens - multi-sensory lecture

At 7:30 and 8:45 pm in the Auditorium

Fragrance designer and writer Frank Bloem takes you into the world of scent in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and 17th century in this multi-sensory lecture. For example, he talks about the mysterious world of 17th-century secreti-books. He reveals the scented tips from these lifestyle books, which greatly impressed the youth of that century and changed the street scene. He also talks about the scents and functions of the sacred smoke that surrounded the altarpieces. About frankincense, myrrh and ... was it real gold that the 3 kings brought with them? During his lecture, Frank will be accompanied by aroma jockey Jorg Hempenius, who will let you smell specially chosen scents during Frank's story in a special way.

About Frank Bloem

Frank Bloem is a perfume maker and fragrance designer. Since 2014, he traded visual art for the medium of scent. This resulted in the founding of The Snifferoo in 2016.

About Jorg Hempenius

Fragrance expert Jorg Hempenius has worked in the fragrance industry for more than 12 years. With scent he creates new memories, or brings them back to life. From translating artworks and paintings, to bringing scent live at films and presentations. As long as scent makes an impact, Jorg is there.

There's a smell on that - special scent tours

Continuing in the collection rooms

During this edition of Lakenhal Late we open up the collection rooms on the first floor to you. Admire highlights from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and the 17th century, led by one of our enthusiastic tour guides. For example, Triptych with the Last Judgment by Lucas van Leyden, Preparations by Roy Villevoye or paintings by Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Steen, Gerrit Dou and David Bailly. During the tour, the tour guides carry special scents that enhance your experience of the works of art.

Photo: Ronald Tilleman

Look further than your nose - walk-in workshop

Continuing in the studio

If you're doing a portrait, you can't avoid it: drawing the nose. If you don't get the nose right, the person can soon be unrecognizable. But it's not that easy. Noses come in all shapes and sizes, and ideally you want to keep the three-dimensional character on paper. But how? Artist Iemke van Dijk will teach you the intricacies of nose drawing throughout the evening in this walk-in workshop.

Mix it up - a special memory of your visit

Continuously at the Achterplaats

Smell is the only sense that is directly connected to your emotional brain. It therefore has an immediate effect on memories. To recall your visit to Lakenhal Laat at home, you can make a special scent memory for home in the Achterplaats, led by scent expert Jorg Hempenius.

Cheers! - with an olfactory cocktail

Continuing at the Achterplaats

At the Achterplaats we will set up a special cocktailbar on February 10. First you choose your favorite scent, then the cocktail shaker of Bar Company will make a perfect serve Gin-Tonic for you, based on your preferred scent. Alcohol-free, of course, if desired! The first cocktail is included in your entrance ticket.

Special Valentine's offer - 1 + 1 free

Lakenhal Late is the perfect Valentine's date. And that's why you get to bring your (potential) loved one for free! With the code CUP1DO you will receive a one-time 50% discount on the admission price at checkout.


  • Date: Friday, February 10
  • Time: 19.00 - 22.00 pm
  • Price: €10 regular or €7.50 with Museum Card, student ID or other discount cards, including olfactory cocktail
  • Sign up: reserve your spot quickly by purchasing online tickets. Use the code CUP1DO for 50% off the admission price. While supplies last, you can also purchase tickets at the box office on the night itself, but the discount does not apply there.

Good to know: the collection rooms 'Devotion in the Middle Ages and Renaissance' and 'Leiden as the cradle of Dutch painting' are open during this edition of Lakenhal Laat. The rest of the museum is closed. The program may change in the run-up to the evening itself due to unforeseen circumstances. Keep an eye on this page for the most up-to-date info.


Lakenhal Laat on February 10 is made possible in part by:

Frank Bloem
Jorg Hempenius
Bar Company