Lakenhal Late

Every second friday of the month

Your weekend starts at the museum! Come to Museum De Lakenhal every second Friday of the month between work and the pub for a dose of inspiration and knowledge. Visit during Lakenhal Late between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. the exhibition Imagine Intuition and participate in an in-depth program consisting of artist talks, performances and workshops. A drink (the first one is on us) and live music are included. Do we see you there?

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Lakenhal Late: Janet Vollebregt X DIKKER + OOSTRIK


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the programme on 9 December:

Meet the artists - Janet Vollebregt & DIKKER + OOSTRIK

AT 19.30 pm in the Nieuwe Hal

Laure van den Hout, editor-in-chief of Mister Motley, asks artists Janet Vollebregt & DIKKER + OOSTRIK about the theme of intuition and the creation of the works they made especially for the exhibition Imagine Intuition.

About Janet Vollebregt

Janet Vollebregt wants to offer people environments or atmospheres where they can find peace, while becoming aware that everything is connected. The philosophy of her design is rooted in her technical training in architecture as well as in her lifelong study and practice of Eastern and Western philosophy and therapy. For this project she realized two installations: one as an entrance to the museum and one as a conclusion of the exhibition. Photo: Joao P. Teles


The installations of cognitive neuroscientist Suzanne Dikker (she will join this night via a live link from New York) and artist Matthias Oostrik exist by the grace of visitors. In the moving and interactive presentations, art and science merge. Their new installation Harmonic Dissonance: Phantom explores the paradox of the (im)measurability of the intuitive body. Photo: LexusHybridArt

Photo: Taco van der Eb

WE, the intuitive body – performance door ICK Dans Amsterdam

At 19.15 and 21.00 pm at the Achterplaats

In WE, the intuitive body, ICK Dans Amsterdam reveals the inspiring power between reason and instinct in a blistering performance. We are often guided by the laws of rationality, effectiveness and measurability, without focusing on what really drives us. But in this chaotic world, our bodies do not submit to rational laws. Our body follows its instincts and impulses. Our body is rebellious, forming a much-needed counterforce. WE, the intuitive body lets you see and experience this unprecedented power.

A peek under the hood of Harmonic Dissonance: Phantom Body

At 20.30 and 21.15 pm at the exhibition halls

For Imagine Intuition DIKKER + OOSTRIK made the work Harmonic Dissonance: Phantom Body. The four screens convert your movements into image and sound and let your digital echo interact with those of other visitors. An amazing piece of technology! During this session you will get a unique look under the hood of the installation. Makers Matthias Oostrik (artist), Than van Nispen (HKU) and Suzan Tunca (ICK Dans Amsterdam) will take you on at the exhibition halls in their interdisciplinary quest for how to capture the space between body and mind - in ourselves and in relation to others - in intuitive algorithms and audiovisual landscapes. Please note that a maximum of 15 people can participate per session.

Photo: Joep Jacobs
Photo: Joep Jacobs

Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions

At 20.30 and 21.15 pm at the exhibition halls

In addition to being an architect and artist, Janet Vollebregt is also a mentor in the Japanese healing method Jin Shin Jyutsu. This ancient Japanese art of life allows you to harmonize the life energy in your body. Just as a battery powers a car's engine and ignites its lights, your energy source is what makes your heart beat. Melting energetic blockages and allowing your energy to flow with your hands keeps you balanced and creates space to listen to your inner voice. In this short session, Janet will introduce you to this special Japanese art of living in her installation You Are Present. There is room for a maximum of 12 people.

Liquid forms - walk-in workshop

Ongoing event in the Atelier

Making space for your intuition in a creative way? You can do that all evening at the Open Atelier! Under the guidance of our professional museum docents, you will make fluid creations with shaving cream and ecoline on December 9. We're curious to see what you see in the end result....

Photo: Taco van der Eb


At 20.00 en 21.15 in the Auditorium

During Lakenhal Late, music venue Gebr. de Nobel is providing live music. On December 9, inneruu is waiting for you. innerruu is like falling in love - you could describe it, but you just have to experience it! Through organic-electronic songs, the band takes you into a collective total experience that activates all your senses. With melancholic sounds, visual projections, smells and interactive instruments, they build a moment and place where you can come to yourself for a moment. Their first album will be released in late 2022.


  • Date: friday 9 december
  • Time: 19.00 – 22.00 pm
  • Price: €10 regular or €7,50 with Museumkaart or other discount cards, including your first drink
  • Sign up: order your tickets here to secure your spot. You can also purchase a ticket at the cash register on the night of (based on availability!).

Please note that the collection rooms are closed during this edition of Lakenhal Late. The program is subject to changes. Keep an eye on this page for the most up-to-date information.


Lakenhal Late on Friday 9 December is made possible by:

Janet Vollebregt
Suzanne Dikker
Matthias Oostrik
Suzan Tunca
Than van Nispen
Laure van den Hout
ICK Dans Amsterdam
Gebr. De Nobel
Femke Goedhart
Martine Lemmens